Trotters take the initiative at Partynice Racecourse Polecany

Thanks to the efforts of The Polish Trotting Association together with The Trotting Breeders’ and Owners’ Association another one race day only for trotters will take place at Partynice Racecourse in Wrocław - the capital of Lower Silesia. It is one of the three racetracks in Poland, where you can find trotters during the season that starts in April and ends in October.

Photo: © Bogusław Jędrych Photo: © Bogusław Jędrych Trotters at Partynice racecourse in Wrocław.

The history of trotting races in Poland is still very short. In 2004 Poland start cooperation with Société d'Encouragement à l'élevage du Cheval Français, and thanks to that, it became possible to finance races for French trotters.

The first official trotting race here took place in October 2004 - then five horses have competed in a race, which prize pool was less than 550 €. Thirteen years later, Poland has enough trotters to organize independent racing days for them, just like this one at the end of the 2017 season. 

On October 29, 44 trotters which are prepared in stables of eight different trainers, will compete in six international races on the grass. The whole prize pool on this day is over 16.500 €.

In the first race, which will start at 12 p.m. - Wrocław Sprint Prize (2360 € | 1600m) - we will see seven horses (7-year and older) from Poland and Czech Republic, which will try to beat current record of Wrocław racetrack - 1’16’’4.

Pinkman Prize (1770 € | 2400m), which is the third race of the day, gathered seven 3- and 4-years old trotters at the start. The best of them seems to be Djobi Djoba (Coktail Jet - Noblesse du Corta/Buvetier d’Aunou), who was second in 2017 Polish Derby in early September.

Eight horses will compete in the Wrocław Marathon (2360 € | 3200m) for 4-years and older trotters. Among them currently the best horse of the 2017 season - Brandy Hornline (Meaulnes du Corta - Paganina de Retz/Jain de Beval).

The most important point of the day will be 14th edition of Cheval Français Prize (5950 € | 2600m) - the oldest Polish race designed only for the best mares of the season. Seven mares which were enter to the race (the youngest is 6 and the oldest is 11-years-old) won a total of 110 races and earned over 250.000 € in their careers. Among the favorites is The Horse of the Year in 2014 - Usita (Jag de Bellouet - Noblesse de Larre/Baccarat du Pont) and the young star of Polish races - Barbariska (Millenium Wood - Quick Fee/Korean), which won the Derby in 2015, Cheval Français Prize in 2016 and Polish Trotters Championships in current year.

In addition, two other races - Ukamaya Verderie Prize (1890 € | 2200m) for 4-years and older horses, which didn’t win any race in this year, and the last one - Polish Trotting Association Cup (2360 € | 1600m) open for 3-years and older horses.

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